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Innovative In-Store Shopping Experiences: Stores That Are Changing The Game

If you’ve ever shopped on a busy high street you will know how draining those shopping experiences can be. Most high street chains offer boring layouts, limited changing rooms and a lack of informative or engaging staff. It’s not surprising that more and more people every year choose to do their shopping online. In fact, [...]

7 Cool Eco-Friendly Offices Around The World

Geelen Counterflow - Haelen, Netherlands
Here at Reco we are strong supporters of adopting sustainability in all aspects of life. With modern day emphasis on carbon footprints, it’s not only individuals who are trying to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle but an increasing number of businesses and corporations. Whether aligned with core values, simply to improve staff productivity and well-being, or [...]

UK Construction & The Environment [Infographic]

The Construction Industry's impact on the environment is unquestionable. However many suppliers, associations, house builders and others are actively working to use cleaner, greener materials and processes. Here's Reco's latest infographic telling the story of UK Construction, the environment, and those trying to make a difference. You can find out more about Reco's environmentally friendly [...]