Here at Reco we are strong supporters of adopting sustainability in all aspects of life.

With modern day emphasis on carbon footprints, it’s not only individuals who are trying to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle but an increasing number of businesses and corporations. Whether aligned with core values, simply to improve staff productivity and well-being, or both, a revolution in office renovations is happening all over the world.

The Construction Industry’s impact on the environment is unquestionable but, to achieve  live by their greener values, businesses are contracting specialist construction companies, interior designers and manufacturers (like ourselves) to create more sustainable offices, and many do it with flare; maintaining the unique and edgy interiors that many 21st century businesses demand.

We have put together a list of 7 eco-friendly offices around the world that lead the way on both sustainability and style…

1. The Cuningham Group – Culver City, USA

A LEED Gold certified-office, The Cuningham group’s beautiful office space is set within a renovated warehouse in Culver City. The office was built with the aim of incorporating sustainable technologies, including trickle vents to allow fresh air ventilation and skylights to allow natural light in, something not very common with warehouse offices. The office also encourages employees to be hands-on by caring for and watering the indoor garden, as well as food farming in the outdoor vegetable garden.

The Cuningham group – Culver City, USA

2. Nothing Agency – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk designed an office for Amsterdam based advertising agency, Nothing, entirely out of cardboard. No screws, no glue just slotted together reinforced cardboard. Not only did it cost next to nothing to build but it also retains stylish aesthetics throughout the workspaces, with the idea being that one day it can be practically thrown away and recycled.

Nothing Agency – Amsterdam, Netherlands



3. The Co-operative Group Head Office – Manchester, UK

Standing 72.5 metres tall and officially named One Angle Square, the co-ops award winning iconic head office building is one of the most sustainable large buildings in Europe. It hails itself as an energy-plus building, meaning it produces more energy it uses and zero carbon emissions. Though it is often compared to a sliced egg, the offices have received many awards for its striking aesthetics throughout and sustainability aim. In keeping with the its green credentials, employees are encouraged to use public transport or cycle to work, with the building having over 100 bike stands.

The Co-operative Group Head Office – Manchester, UK

By The Co-operative – One Angel Square, CC BY 2.0,

4. Geelen Counterflow – Haelen, Netherlands

With the office building generating 50% more energy from its solar panels that it needs, it’s easy to see why the office achieved the highest ever BREEAM score worldwide of 99.94%. Over the weekends, excess electricity created by the offices is supplied back to the local energy grid, whose windmills also supply any deficits when there is no sunlight. The whole building is built out of wood which contains 2000 tons of absorbed CO2, resulting in the office actually having a negative CO2 footprint. Gathered rainwater is used to flush the office toilets and to water the green wall in the heart of the building.

Geelen Counterflow - Haelen, Netherlands


5. Shanghai Tower – Shanghai, China

China’s tallest building, the Shanghai tower sands at an impression 632-metres tall. Not only does it boast the world’s fastest elevator, which climbs 121 stories at 40mph, it also has over 200 wind turbines at the top which help to power the building’s exterior lighting every year. The structure’s unique curved spine and double-skin glass facade helps contribute towards energy savings of up to 22% compared to skyscrapers of similar sizes.

Shanghai Tower – Shanghai, China

6. Medibank Place – Melbourne, Australia

Home to the countries biggest health insurance company, Medibank Place aims to be one of the world’s most sustainable workplaces. The building itself was constructed with low air polluting materials and employees are encouraged to do active working. It incorporates standing desks and a variety of different workspaces promoting employees to actually move around. The aim is to reduce the risks associated with sedentary behaviours, such as obesity and heart disease. The emphasis on sustainability is apparent throughout the building, as around 10 per cent of the building’s front consists of  living greenery, accomplished by a wire trellis system.

Medibank Place – Melbourne, Australia

7. Genzyme Center – Massachusetts, USA

The building which acts as the head-office for a number of biotech companies features a stunning 12 storey high atrium which provides natural light throughout the building, helping save 42% on electricity bills. Hanging mirrors which track the movements of the sun throughout the day, reflect light coming through to ensure it’s distributed throughout the building helping employees enjoy natural light all day long whilst indoors. The office building also features a green roof which collects rainwater used to offset water consumption from the cooling towers.

Genzyme Center – Massachusetts, USA

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