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About Reco

Reco Surfaces Limited are a UK-based manufacturer, supplying an innovative range of modern tiling and wall covering solutions globally. With manufacturing facilities in Lincolnshire, Reco is well situated to provide panels to a substantial network of customers across the UK and multiple sectors. We have offices in Boston and Central London.

A family business, Reco has grown over the years from a recycling business into a fully operational, commercial manufacturer. We now supply our panels across 4 continents, with local representatives on the ground who understand their individual marketplaces.

Our History

From concept, to supplier of next generation wall coverings….

The company was originally set up by the Fleet family to recycle plastic and operated successfully for several years in this capacity. The underlying philosophy of the business was the protection of the environment through the reduction of harmful waste going into landfill. This is an ethos that helped to drive Reco to where it is today.

Whilst looking at plastic-based solutions for internal bathroom walls, the idea of decorative panels that resembled tiles, but with a much smaller carbon footprint along with multiple other benefits, was born. A period of significant investment in product development and market research began, culminating in the Reco wall panel solution that is now supplied for multiple uses, in a wide range of sectors and countries.

Environmental and Ethical

The name Reco is derived from ‘Recyclable’ and ‘Eco-friendly’ – deliberately named to reflect the ethos of the company; not only within our product manufacturing process, but in how we interact with our staff, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

Our team are especially important to us and we work hard to promote active communication, inclusion, and a strong sense of belonging as part of the Reco family. As a unit we strive to meet the overall business objectives that will ultimately benefit everyone. We actively encourage ideas from all our employees and ensure that each one is given the consideration it deserves. Together, we are stronger.

"We're very pleased to say we've made a fabulous choice with Reco. Because the panels are so fast and efficient to fit there was minimal disruption to the club, nor to its' members. The whole process was entirely painless. Everyone from management to maintenance are delighted with the result"
Jackie Cougill, Operations Manager, David Lloyd
2 unskilled workers fit out 3 to 4 bathrooms with Reco Panels every day. This allows other trades to come in quicker and significantly shortens our programme.
Nick Karavias – Project Director Morphuse Construction (Office to Resi conversions & Social Housing)
We have ordered a lot of Reco prooducts for various shower areas, which are very useful and a cheaper way to do up a shower than tiling. They come quickly and do the job perfectly.
Ashleigh Marques - TXR Building & Maintenance (Residential New Build & Maintenance)
I (and everybody working on the project) absolutely love your product and I am convinced it won’t take long before the building trade adopts Reco panels as an alternative, cost-effective wall decoration.
Matthew Fowler – Inexteriors (Specialist Refurbishment Contractors)
"I was worried what it was going to look like...but within just a few days when I saw it on the walls, I said, that's it, we've got to go that way"
Tommy Jacks
Was looking for a solution to cover existing tiles, I didn't want to use a traditional shower panel which would have added too much thickness to the wall. I found Reco on a web search and they were exactly what I was after. The lack of grout lines is great, I give the walls a sponge wipe down once a week and they barely need that. Saved me about 4 days over retiling and I couldn't have done a better, never mind the cost saving.
Scott Leiper
The ceramic tiles on our walls were a mess and the wall behind was damaged. To save time and money we decided to use Reco panels. It has created a waterproof finish and looks incredibly smart. The panels are SO easy to clean unlike ceramic tiles, so the bathroom continuously looks shiny and new!
Emma Stansfield
I'm delighted with our shower panel, featuring a massive wave rolling across the bathroom! It arrived tip top fast, well packaged, exactly as promised, with all the adhesives and attachments. Our builders scratched their heads a little, but they followed the instructions that I printed off the website and watched the video ... and even they were impressed with the result. It looks brilliant.
Vivian Child
Amazingly easy product to work with and use - very quick to install, easy to clean. Would definitely recommend. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Gary Smith
We were looking for an alternative to tiles and grouting as grout discolours and water can get behind if not maintained. We were very happy when we discovered Reco surfaces and were very happy with the finished waterproof walls in our shower. They look fab! We will be using them again in future rental properties when we refurbish them.
Frances Long, Landlord

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