Why Choose Reco

Here’s 4 Great Reasons

Reco™ is the leading eco friendly seamless, easy-fit and maintenance-free alternative to tiles.
Here’s 4 reasons why you’ll will never want to tile again…

1. Savings

Save up to 70% on costs and 75% on fitting time.

  • Installation up to 75% quicker than tiling
    Physically fitting the panels is much quicker than tiling. Plus, there’s no grouting or drying days required.
  • No need for expensive tilers & specialist tools
    Any relatively capable site staff can fit Reco panels. Traditional tiles can need up to 14 specialist tools whereas Reco™ can be fitted with regular tools.
  • Huge savings on sundries
    Reco only requires adhesive, tape and silicone. We have demonstrated savings of 70% on some projects.
  • 50% less wastage
    There’s no chipping or cracking and our panels can be trimmed exactly, with any off cuts used elsewhere.

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2. Installation

Easy, quick and inexpensive to fit

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  • Easy Fit
    Any relatively capable site staff can fit the panels and whilst traditional tiling can need up to 14 specialist tools, Reco can be fitted with regular tools
  • Fits to any surfaces, even breeze blocks or existing tiles.
    No need for expensive and time consuming wall preparation. Just dust down your even surface and begin fitting.
  • No power tools or dust
    The fitting is relatively silent and mess free. No need to close off public areas or offices, fitting can happen alongside normal daily activity.
  • No waterproofing or matting needed
    The joins are totally sealed and the material is 100% waterproof. No need for the added time and expense to prepare the wall.
  • 100% Waterproof
    We offer a 10 Year Guarantee and haven’t had a single report of a leak in over 8 years of manufacturing and supplying both trade and domestic customers. 

3. Appearance

  • Available in tiled or flat finish, high gloss or satin. Standard tile patterns available plus bespoke on larger projects.
  • Seamless joins allow for a perfect finish
    no joining strips, no gaps. Panels can also be formed around corners or obstructions.
  • No grout = No Mold
    Only a simple wipe down with soapy water is required to keep the wall pristine, minimising maintenance and ongoing costs.
  • Bespoke Designs Available
    Any image, any pattern, any colour. We offer a unique service by printing any image pattern or colour onto any panel.
  • UV Coating
    Any printing is protected for the life of the panel with our UV coating. No colour drain.
  • Feels just like tiles
    Once applied to the wall the panels are robust and feel just like tiles, only warmer. Warmer tiles also reduce condensation.

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4. Performance

No grout = No Mold
20% More Thermally Efficient than Tiles
  • 10 Year Guarantee
    We have never had a single report of a leak in any of our panels and offer a 10 Year Guarantee when using our tried and tested fitting materials.
  • 100% Recyclable
    Acrylic panels can be recycled via local authority services whilst our PVC panels can be recycled by Reco at a specialist UK facility.
  • 20% More Thermally Efficient than Tiles
    Reducing your heating overheads and condensation
  • Heat & Chemical Resistant (Class 1 Available)
    All our products are available in Class 1 PVC
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
    Simply wipe clean with soapy water. No expensive, specialist cleaning or mold removal is required.
  • High Scratch Resistance
    Acrylic panels are scratch resistant while PVC panels are non-scratch and harder wearing than Formica.
  • No Cracks
    All walls move overtime and traditional tiles will crack causing expensive repairs. Our panels move with the wall thanks to our joining and mounting method, preventing cracks.
  • Easy Replacement
    When a new refurbishment is needed, our panels can easily be removed and replaced. Or even fitted over existing panels.

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Q Hotels
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less wastage
faster to install

vs. traditional tiling
*up to 70% cheaper

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