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Dephna Developments

From skepticism to convert in 30 flats

Dephna are an independent developer specializing in the conversion of industrial and commercial buildings into residential dwellings.

Although intrigued by Reco’s fast-fit solution and impressive lifespan, Dephna’s Managing Director was still skeptical and concerned about how total costs would weigh up against traditional ceramics.

One fitting demonstration later and the advantages were apparent. By the end of the week Reco were supplying panels for every bathroom in their 30 apartment development.

X years later we continue to support Dephna projects from specification all the way through to order and onsite visits.

And as for those total costs. 250% more cost effective.

“Need at least one quote from them. Ideally about their initial skepticism, what changed and why. Or asking them what the one thing Reco does really well etc.”
Nimesh Sachdev – Managing Director