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Premier Inn

When minimal disruption matters at the UK’s largest hotel brand

Refurbishment across Premier Inn’s portfolio of over 800+ venues never stops. But with a strong reputation for comfort and quality to protect, mess, noise and disruption for guests is untenable and speed of renovation, essential.

Whitbread approached Reco in 2018 with the challenge of supplying a bespoke design of our fast-fit, maintenance-free panels for guest bathrooms. Panels that were congruent with the familiar brand, had a unique glass-look finish and still maintained all the benefits of Reco’s standout offering.

Fast-forward through a specification process supported by Reco’s ongoing consultancy and installation, with regular on-site visits, and the initial trial was a success.

Today, Premier Inn continues to trust Reco and our products to deliver smarter rooms with minimal disruption. All at a pace to meet the demands of even the largest of hospitality brands.