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Kav Office

Every Reco product in one project

After being recommended to our client, they felt they may just have found the perfect partner to help them refurbish their office without compromising on finish.

And they were right.

We used our Reco high gloss marble finish and Reco Design 'White Croc' panels in their corridors providing both office and showroom a high-end finish without the costs. We also used our Reco Design picture panels and Reco Tile Mosaic tiles in the toilets to add  a hygienic and fun feel.

The Reco team particularly enjoyed being able to demonstrate our full range of solutions in one space. And our client agreed. Returning to complete their kitchen walls in Reco Gloss.

And with all our products and many walls covered, it could have been a long, distributive project. But with Reco, everything was complete in just 2 days.

“The entire project needed to be finished in 2 days including the bathrooms. There was no way we could have done it with conventional tiles so we were so excited to have found Reco and their innovative system. Even the fitters were impressed with the speed and ease of the product and the finishes draw a lot of interest from our architectural clients.”
Malcolm Stewart, Managing Director, KAV