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Protection and image in the most challenging of environments

Europe’s largest employer handles 1 million patients every 36 hours. That translates to serious footfall in hospitals and, in context, weighty demands on wall coverings.

The NHS’s corridor walls need significant protection while being simple to clean, fast to fit, economical and hygienic. What’s more, some of the UKs most dedicated staff or their anxious patients shouldn’t have to suffer bland, overly-clinical design.

Struggling to find affordable solutions that met these multiple challenges led our project partner, Bridger Carr Architects, to Reco.

“Reco were so helpful in making our design panels a reality.  The finished products are simply fantastic!”
Deborah Carr – Director, Bridger Carr Architects

After their thorough analysis, it was established our 1mm Reco Protect panels were thin enough to effortlessly conform to curved walls and our anti-scratch Reco Guard™ coating robust enough to meet stress tests in the most challenging of environments. Finally and crucially, we were able to bring the bespoke design direction to life.

“We’ve worked exceptionally hard to marry the benefits of our now market-leading products with options for bespoke design at scale. So it’s a pleasure to collaborate with respected architects and, without compromise, bring their visions fully to life.”
Charles Fleet, Managing Director, Reco Surfaces
Image Credits: Bridger Car Architects