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Morphuse Retrofit

Who can you trust with your reputation

Morphuse is responsible for a host of challenging commercial and residential projects in some of the most sought after locations in London. Having established a reputation for the highest calibre of work they demand partners who they can trust to deliver.

Morphuse’s Head of Development was struggling with the slow pace of the international supply chains which simply couldn’t fulfil orders for vital wall coverings in suitable timeframes. Equally, and just as frustrating, were the sub-standard tiling panel solutions available in the UK market.

It was during an office conversion into 28 apartments in 2016, a project with bespoke requirements but tight deadlines, that Morphuse discovered Reco.

With just three weeks until the first panels were due on site, Reco helped guide the design, swiftly sample, deliver a bespoke solution and train Morphuse’s fitters. The result: the perfect finish, reputations maintained and a partner Morphuse has trusted with every project since.

“2 unskilled workers fit out 3 to 4 bathrooms with Reco Panels every day. This allows other trades to come in quicker and significantly shortens our programme.”
Nick Karavias – Project Director